Sunday, June 8, 2008

Tamil Song Quiz : MASQ - 001

Listen to the audio clips below . Both the interludes composed by Ilaiyaraaja
are from different tamil movies / songs .

What is the Movie's name ?
Who is the lead Actor ?
Which Song is this ?

Bit 1

Bit 2

' RAMESH ' is the WINNER of MASQ - 001.

Contest closed , For answers , read ' comments ' .


  1. Hi Kumar,

    did you upload the same interlude by any chance? or nijama same interlude 2 different movie/songs'la iruka??

    2 clips kaeta apram, I could get the below song:

    Song: Poongaatru puthiraanadhu
    Actor: Kamal
    Movie: Moondram Pirai

    let me know.

    btw, thanks for blogrolling my site.

  2. J , No chance ! These interludes are from two different movies / songs . Answer for Bit 1 is correct .

  3. Bit 1 is from
    "Thambikku endha ooru",
    starring "Rajini",
    song "Envaanile"

    Bit 2 is from
    "Moondraam Pirai",
    starring "Kamal"
    song "Poongaatru"

  4. One is obviously from Moondram Pirai (poongaatru song), Kamal is the lead and the other is En Vazhvile varum anbe vaa where Rajini is the lead.

    The Hindi version of Moondram Pirai, named sadma, had this "Ye Zindagi" song in place of poongaatru. Hence Raaja had used the same interludes. This song was again used in Tamil as En Vazhvile. Don't remember the film name, is it Thambikku Entha Ooru?

    In the En vazhvile song, even the initial bass guitar and the tabla in the first interlude are taken from the poongaatru song.

  5. Vignesh , Correct answers ( 1 & 2 vice-versa )!
    Ramesh , Cheers ! More precise answers .

  6. wow, this is challenging :) will definitely try.

  7. Answer to MASQ - 001 :
    Read the description by Ramesh .

    Vignesh , mistaken identity !

    RAMESH is the winner of MASQ-001 .