Saturday, May 16, 2009

Raajavin Isai : 002

Raaja 1000

Oru Naalum Umai Maravaadha Inidhaana Varam Vendum .....

Your music is my life .
You have filled the hearts of many musiclovers/fans by your soul stirring compositions of which 40% of them take it as entertainment to the ears ,50% of them feel it in their hearts and the remaining 10% are artistes/musicians who adore you !

I am among that 10% of fans who love & live music .
I thankyou for your divine music which made me perform , from streets to the session recordings and that which provided me bread & butter for the past 22years !
I salute you once again !

I pray God to bless you with good health & reduce a day from our life span and add it to your credit ... so if all the fans give a day of their life to you , it would be more than 1,00,000 days of good health and your music will be available for generations to come !

This song is not available in the audio album of Yejaman!

Listen & share your views !


  1. Yes .. I clearly remember this song in the movie which comes during the scene of Meena's death.
    Very passionate post Kumar...
    With Love