Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Bassline Quiz : BQ-005

Listen to the audio clip below .
This Bassline accompanied by Chords is an extract from a popular Tamil Song of the 80's.
Which Song/Movie is it ?

Can you identify the exact portion of the song where this phrase is played ?

I re-created this phrase in Cubase SX3 using my Roland XP-30 keyboard & Virtual Guitarist vsti plugin !

Contest closed . For answers , read ' comments '.

VICKY & SHANKAR are the Winners !

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  1. Dear Kumar:
    The bassline is from the pallavi of the song:
    "Meenamma Meenamma" from Raajadhi Raaja.

    However from what I hear, I think the third chord you have used is not correct. You have chosen E Major as the scale (Correct me if I am wrong); In this scale these are the chords you have chosen for the lines "மீனம்மா மீனம்மா கண்கள் மீனம்மா" : E Am A E;

    I think the third chord that you have chosen (which is A Major) for the word "kangal" doesn't fit the bill here. Because of two reasons:
    1.) chord A Major has the note C# which would be periya Dha; As you know the song is Sarasaangi and it doesn't have c#.
    2.) The melody of the word "கண்கள்" is "ப த நீ த நி ப"; So a chord emphasizing periya Dha wouldn't fit there; It should be chord emphasizing the Panchamam;

    Hence the correct chord in my opinion should be B major there and not A Major; So the correct sequence of the chords of the first lines should be:
    E Am B E
    In fact you have used A Major in all the further occurances.. It should be replaced by B Major;

    This is what I am able to deduce, because I sequenced this song 12 years back in my PSR 730 (I still have the midi file, but all the tones are recognized only on a Yamaha PSR series keyboard :-( )

    However I sequenced this very very long back and its possible that my memory isin't serving me right.. So hope you will pardon me for any erroneous comments from my part :-)

    With Love

  2. Correct answer !

    Dear Vicky , Great explanation !
    Thanks for correcting me , will do the changes and re-post it shortly !
    I am honoured to have a friend a like you ... thanks again for sharing your knowledge !

    With Love,

  3. Shankar , Correct answer !

  4. VICKY & SHANKAR are the Winners !