Friday, July 25, 2008

Raakkamma - Prelude

Hi Folks ,
I have re-created the Prelude of Raakkamma Kaiya Thattu , composed & orchestrated by Ilaiyaraaja.
I played and recorded this in Cubase-SX4 using Virtual Guitar , Edirol Orchestral and EastWest Symphony Orchestra Strings VSTi plugins .I have not added the Rhythm .
Listen to the audio clip below and share your views .


Audio clips are not playing ? Click on the Post Title (Heading) & play from that page or click on the link below the player.


  1. Jeeva , Welcome here !
    Thankyou .

  2. Nice arrangement, close to original. The sounds of the strings and violin tones are really nice.

  3. Kumar Simply Mindblowing..(though i hate to listen Re-Mix,Re-Creations..)

  4. Very nice work, Kumar. I would love to hear such creations of yours. I still like your ?Putham Pudhu Kaalai' arrangement.

  5. Mahesh , Thanks.

    Emjay , Thankyou !
    It took me four hours to play and record this excellent Prelude using 16 tracks .I wonder how Ilaiyaraaja could write such a score in hardly 50 minutes !!!!

  6. ~~Sir,

    Your work is awesome! Hats off!

    Basically, Rakkamma kaiya is flamenco genre song, however, usage of stunning western classical elements like string orchestra and oboe changed de color of de song and stands beyond its time and henceforth.

    Now, your work is clear evident of flamenco nuances in this song {smile}. Have a good one!


    ~~Raaja rules!!!

  7. NKODB , Welcome here !
    Thanks !

  8. Kumar,
    Visiting for the first time;Good work,Keep it coming.
    BTW, have you tried playing 'hey, paadal onru'' from 'Priya'- esp the 3rd bgm violin pieces?

  9. Dhileep ,
    Thanks ...Welcome here .
    Yes , I have done it .
    I will post the 3rd BGM soon.

  10. Balaji , Welcome here . Thanks !