Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Tamil Song Quiz : MASQ - 011

Listen to the audio clip below .
There are two Pallavi's from two different tamil movies combined together .
Identify the Movie / Actors and find what is common among these songs ?
The answer may be of musical , technical , lyrical or any other factor.

Maalai Soodum_Penm...

J & JANAKI are the WINNERS of MASQ - 011.

Contest closed. For answers read ' comments ' .

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  1. #1:
    Movie: Naan Mahaan Alla
    Actors: Rajini, Radha
    Singers: SPB, S.Janaki.

    Movie: Naan Sigappu Manithan
    Actors: Rajini, Ambika
    Singers: SPB, S.Janaki


    #1: Rajini
    #2: Word "Naan" in the movie name
    #3: Music by IR
    #4: Same singer combination
    #5: Both are duets
    #6: Shot in the garden (green grass land and flowers)

    anything that I am missing?

  2. clip1 : maalai sudum velai - spb,sailaja movie Naan Maghan Alla

    clip2: penn maane sangeetham padi vaa - spb,sjanaki movie - Naan Sigappu Manithan

    Both movies are Rajini starrer
    Both movies start with the word NAAN
    Both movies have a storyline like Rajini taking a revenge

  3. Answers to MASQ - 011 :

    1.Naan Mahaan Alla
    2.Naan Sigappu Manidhan
    Common factors :
    Rajinikanth starrer
    Both movies start with the word 'Naan'
    Both are duets by S.P.B & S.Janaki
    Music by Ilaiyaraaja

    J & JANAKI are the WINNERS

  4. Janaki ,
    1st song is not by S.P.Sailaja .
    Since you have come out with correct Movie names / Actor / Common factor , it is acceptable .