Monday, April 6, 2009

Tamil Song Quiz : TASQ - 022

Listen to the audio clip below .
These Preludes are from two Tamil Songs/Movies .
Find them !



Contest closed . For answers , read ' comments '.

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  1. The secon prelude is from "Unnai Vaalthi Paadukiren " song "oh oh Oh Kalai Kuyilgale"

  2. The second bit is from "Unnai Vazhthi Paadukiren" - Kaalai Kuyilgale. I love the second interlude in this track.

    The first bit...I'm still struggling to find. To me, it sounds like a very generic opening prelude which can be applied to half a dozen Raja numbers!!

  3. Kumar:
    The first one was a toughie.. I had to really profile the song.. based on the keyboard Santoor mode in the prelude, I narrowed it down to the '92 and '93 time frame as that was the time when Raaja used that mode heavily. And then I went by the elimination theory of leaving all popular ones and focusing on the obscure ones.. In the end I was disappointed that it happened to be a song that I used to know as good as the back of my palm.. Its in my Discover Janaki playlist along with the song "sooriyanai".. and yet it escaped at first sight.. Damn !!

    Anyways Here are the answers:

    1.) Prelude of "Maanukkum Meenukkum" (Parvathi Ennai paaradi)
    2.) Prelude of "Oho ho.. Kaalai kuyilgale" (Unnai Vaazhti paadugirane)

    what a Seamless fit.. How did you pull of two songs song in same scale with same arrangement (i.e., rhythm + Chorus)..

    Your quiz is enjoyable to crack.. Great...

    With Love

  4. Vicky ,
    Correct answers .
    I thought you would get trapped by the first one , but you made it !

    Thanks !

    Shankar ,
    Bit 2 - Correct answer .
    Bit 1 - ...............?

    ManojKV ,
    Welcome here !
    Bit 2 - Right answer .
    Bit 1 .............? Try !

  5. Like, everybody else, I could recognize, oh Oh Oh kaalai kuyilgaLE from unnai vaazththi paadugirEn.

    1st one sounds very familiar..but couldn't nail it..

  6. Siva PS ,
    Yes , the first one sounds familiar .

  7. Vicky ,
    I chanced upon Maanukkum Meenukkum - PEP after a long time . The prelude of this song had the same elements ( Chorus & Rhythm ) as that of Ohoho Kaalai Kuyilgale and I decided to mix it... but the job wasn't that easy , because the prelude of Maanukkum ends with a Santoor/Strings melody on the 4th beat ,where the Chorus of Kaalai Kuyigale also starts . So I had to avoid the Santoor/Strings bit to clash with the Chorus . I chopped out part of the Guitar bit from the previous 2 bars of Maanukkum and ended the phrase with the Guitar plucking and blended the Chorus of Kaalai Kuyilgale . Likewise ,I had to edit the ending part of Kaalai Kuyiigale to make it a whole phrase , so as to avoid the Oho...sung by S.Janaki . That's it !

  8. Answers to TASQ - 022 :

    1 . Maanukkum Meenukkum - Paarvathi Ennai Paaradi .
    2 . Ohoho Kaalai Kuyilgale - Unnai Vaazthi Paadugiren .

    VICKY is the WINNER !

  9. I noticed the stitch of the second track at the 4th count of the previous track. that was the reason for my question and you explained brilliantly... Superb experiment :-)
    With Love