Friday, March 6, 2009

Background Music Quiz : BGM - 003

This Background Score is an extract from a Kannada movie PALLAVI ANU PALLAVI .
Starring : Lakshmi , Anil Kapoor(Debut),Directed by Manirathnam(Debut),Cinematography by Balu Mahendra & Music by Ilaiyaraaja. Listen & share your views.

IR_PAP Theme.mp3

And now back to the Quiz . The above melody starts with a Solo Violin followed by Flute ,Piano & Plucked strings , Strings ensemble and so on....
The Flute melody from this score was later adapted as a song in a Tamil movie.
Which Movie/Song is it ?

Saro , Janaki , Ramesh & Shankar are the WINNERS!

Contest closed . For answers , read ' comments '.

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  1. the complete tune is used in Mella mella song from Vazhkai.

    i am not aware of just the flute melody being used in a song. The flute melody in the Anupallavi song reminded Vaan Megham song from Punnagai mannan.

  2. the song starts something like mella mella i think

  3. Saro , Janaki & Ramesh ,
    Correct answers !

  4. Hi Kumar, eppadi irukeengha? long time!

    And this song, Ayoo, nalla therinja song..words gavanam varalai :( SPB, Janaki paadinathu? waiting for the answer.

  5. J ,
    Welcome back , I'm fine!
    Not by SPB/SJ , It's by RS/PS .

  6. It's Mella Mella from Vazhkai.

  7. Answer for the BGM Quiz - 003 :

    Song : Mella Mella
    Film : Vaazhkai

    Saro , Janaki , Ramesh & Shankar are the WINNERS!