Monday, March 16, 2009

Tamil Song Quiz : TASQ - 020

Listen to the audio clip below .
There are two musical phrases from two tamil movies combined together.
Which Song / Movie is it ?
Find out what is common among these songs ?
The answer may be of musical , technical , lyrical or any other factor.

IR Bit_021.mp3


Contest closed . For answers , read ' comments '.

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  1. song1: kannil edho minnal from Poo vilangu

    song2: naan poova eduthu from naannum oru thozizhali

    what is common ?
    1. Both are duets with Janaki for the female voice

    2. Both preludes start with that same scratching sound played by an instrument (i guess the instrument will look like a Rheostat used in electrical and electronics laborrary to vary the resistance)..Kumar can you tell me what is that musical intrument ?

  2. Janaki , Correct answers !

    The name of that percussion is GUIRO!

    Still there is something in common.

  3. Gangai Amaran is the lyricist for both the songs ?

  4. 1st song: saamakOzi Ei koovudhammaa from poNNu oorukku pudhusu
    2nd song: naan pooveduththu vaikkaNum pinnaalE from naanum oru thozilaaLi.

    Common factor could be the song context?

  5. Is the 1st song 'kaNNil EdhO minnaladichchiruchchu"?

  6. Siva ,
    Welcome here !

    Your answer for Clip 1 was wrong .

    Your guess was right in the second comment .

    Cheers !

  7. First bit is prelude to "Kannil yedho,
    minnal adichiduchu,
    Kaaman veettu Jannal thorandhuduchu" (Movie : I don't know) song.

    Not sure about the second bit : It is either
    (1) Part of "adukku malligai, adhu paal kudikudhu" (Movie : Thangamagan??) or
    (2) Part of "Oru pooveduthu vekkanam thannala,
    adha vekkurappo sokkanam thannala" (Movie : Kamal, Ambika movie in which Kamal from being a rich man becomes a pauper).

    Assuming I have identified the songs correctly, what is common across these two? No idea!!!

  8. Makasu , Welcome here !

    Correct answers !

  9. Thank u!! That's Great!!

    And thanks to Siva (Pesoo) for introducing me to this site!!

  10. Answers to TASQ -020 :

    1. Kannil Edho - Poo Vilangu
    2. Naan Pooveduthu - Naanum Oru Thozhilaali

    Common factors :
    1. Both are Preludes .
    2. Both of these preludes have Flute , Santoor , Rhythm Guitar & Bass Guitar .
    3. Scratching latin percussion ( Technical name : GUIRO ) used in both the preludes.
    4.Both have the same Time Signature (6/8)

    Janaki , Siva PS & Makasu are the WINNERS

  11. Hmmmm.. I sent you an email (to your gmail id) with the same answers yesterday. Guess I should have put them in here.

    - Aravind