Saturday, March 21, 2009

MASALA MIX Quiz : 001

Listen to the audio clip below .
This Phrase has an Interlude & Prelude of two songs mixed together from two different Tamil movies .
Which Song / Movie is it ?



Contest closed . For answers read ' comments '.

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  1. Tough one for me. Will wait for the answer. May be am not so familiar with the original.

  2. magaleer mattum - magaleer mattum

    phew.. finally!!!

    - Aravind

  3. Kumar...
    The Rhythm was quite simple for me.. I think its from the prelude of "Kaathal Maharaani" (Kaadhal parisu); But I am trying harder to find out the melody part (the interlude) that you have stitched.. It escapes my range.. I can make out its from the early 90s .. (Am i right..?).. any other clues ..?

    With Love

  4. Could not recognize the other, though...

    - Aravind

  5. Kumar:
    Here are my answers...

    1.) The melody of the clip is the 1st interlude from the song "Magalir Mattum adimai pattu" from the movie "Magalir Mattum".

    2.) The rhythm for the clip that you have chosen is "Oru Kaadhal Maharaani" from the movie Kaadhal Parisu.

    You have reduced the tempo of this rhythm marginally which has resulted in a relative bass version of the tomtom compared to the original, adding to the disguise.

    Its an amazing visionary thinking from you to fit this rhythm for an interlude that had no rhythm at all.. Your creativity of fusing two unrelated entries is commendable. I think the regular beat of "magalir mattum" in the pallavi fits well to the March/ Raaja feel of "Oru kaadhal maharani". Besides the Majestic tempo/ character expressed in the string ensemble of 'Magalir mattum' bods well with a similar characteristic rhythm as background. Am I right ? I making these random guesses because I Would be certainly interested in knowing what was the 'actual' spark that made you mix and match this combination.. (Apart from the natural fit of the meter of course)

    you seem to be pioneering Chaos theory more than the man who popularized it in TN itself.. (Speaking of it, incidentally Kamal Hassan also happen to be a common link to both the songs you posted as well.. !! ;-)

    way to go..

    With Love

  6. Arvind ,

    Correct answer !
    Clue : The Rhythm part is from a very popular number from a Kamal movie of the 80's .

    Vicky ,
    Correct answers !

    Nice analysis , Thankyou !

    I was listening to this song & enjoying only the arrangement part . In the 2nd Interlude of Song 1, the Chorus starts softly , ascends gradually and lands in the next octave . I somehow felt there was a need for an aggresive Rhythm after the Chorus landing ( if it wasn't for the lyrics following ). Suddenly, the Drums Part from the Prelude of Song 2 came to my mind .
    I tried mixing the Rhythm of Song 1 and the interlude of Song 2 but couldn't succeed as the Tempo was a bit more and even the Key was different in Song 1.
    So , I thought of doing it myself and programmed the Drum Rolls with the same tone (Roland 626 toms ) which was used in the original song to suit the Tempo of Song 1 .
    That's it !

    Chaos theory ? Oh ! My god .
    IR is a LEGEND COMPOSER & I am a rejected note from his Score !

  7. Don't know the first song. But I guess the second song is :

    "Kaadhal yuvarani, kavidhai poovirithaal" Don't know the movie :-(

    And was amazed by the experiment u have done in coming up with this combo... These days, I hardly get to hear Tamil Film Songs and ur page takes me back to things I love!! Great work, thanks & keep it up!!

  8. Btw, recollected the movie of teh song "Kaadhal yuva rani, kavidhai poovirithaal" : It is "Andha oru nimidam".

    BTW, I stay in Bangalore too. I noticed that u are from BLR...

  9. Arvind , Makasu ,

    Keep it up !

  10. Answer to MASALA MIX Quiz :

    Melody part : 1st Interlude from Magalir Mattum title song.

    Rhythm Part : Prelude of Kaadhal Maharaani from Kaadhal Parisu .

    VICKY is the Winner !