Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Background Music Quiz : BGM - 004

Listen to the audio clip below .
This Piano arpeggio accompanied by Bass & Legato Strings is (only the backing part) from the interlude of a Tamil Song .
Which Song / Movie is this ?


Ramesh , Janaki & Shankar are the WINNERS !

Contest closed . For answers , read ' comments '

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  1. I'm still trying to figure this one out...but isn't this piece heavenly? I was just blown away...

  2. andhi mazhai pozhigirathu from rajapaarvai. quite easy.

  3. Shankar ,
    You will find out soon , as you have the Vision(!!!) to see Music .
    Heavenly ? Yes . You are at the gates of Heaven , just wait to hear the whole score and you will see the Gods appear.

  4. Ramesh ,
    Perfect answer. I knew you would do it.

  5. Andhi Mazhai pozhigurathu from Raaja Parvai !

    the media and tamil film industry should be ashamed not to recognise this musical mircale when showering scores and scores of praise for the oscars..(though everyone knows that this work of ARR is surely not worth to fetch an oscar when compared to his other genuine works). This is my personal opinion

  6. Andhi mazhai from Raja Parvai

  7. Answer to the Background Music Quiz : BGM-004 .

    Song : Andhi Mazhai
    Film : Raaja Paarvai

    Ramesh , Janaki & Shankar are the WINNERS !