Monday, March 9, 2009

Paadavaa Un Paadalai- 2nd Interlude

Listen to the audio clip below . This is the answer to the Rhythm Quiz-001 .
I have re-created this interlude using Cubase SX-4 , Hypersonic 2 & Edirol Orchestral VSTi plugins.
Listen & share your views .



  1. I was quite certain that it wasn't the original rhythm track (in the quiz) and knowing your involvement in composing, I guessed it had to be recreated by you. You have done a wonderful job on this.

  2. yes, very nice work of recreating the interlude. may be you can post such quizzes with just the bass tracks of IR. that would be even more interesting.

  3. great work sir !!!
    i had listened to this song so many times and never realised so many instruments played in the interlude. If you accept requests i want you to remaster the evergreen Senthoora poove song from Pathinaru vayathinile..i am just waiting to hear those guitar stinging in the background throughout the song. Post similar remastered quiz often..

  4. Janaki , Thankyou .
    Request accepted , Cheers!

  5. nice recreation indeed. infact it sounded very authentic (except for the flute piece).

  6. Ramesh ,
    Thanks !

    Flute piece :(